How To Create Passive Income By Creating & Selling Digital Products & Courses

What if you could make $10k+ a month from a product you only create once that will make you income on autopilot while working less than 2 hours a day, anywhere in the world ⤵

All because you've created an automated digital product business

In This Free Training You'll Learn: 


  1. How to choose a profitable topic for your digital products & courses based on your current life experience
  2. How to create a profitable digital product or a course 
  3. How to start making passive sales on autopilot every single day without working extra hours


→ even if you have no prior experience with digital products or courses &

→ without any paid ads

This Is For You If:

  • you're exhausted overworking yourself for every single dollar and you want to make money as passively as possible so you could work less but you’re a complete beginner - you don't have any prior experience with digital products or social media experience
  • you currently work at your 9-5 and want to start your own online business, work 2-3 hours a day from anywhere in the world from your phone & replace your 9-5 income but you have no idea where to start
  • you have tried every single side hustle under the sun like dropshipping, affiliate marketing, master resell rights or have tried selling your digital products on Etsy, but haven’t seen much success
  • you don’t see yourself doing free consultation calls nor hopping on 1:1 coaching calls for the rest of your life sounding like a broken record, and you know that 1:1 coaching is not a scalable business model in the long run because you can only take an X amount of clients per month, and now you want to turn your offer into passive income
  • you started selling master resell rights digital course but you feel stuck because you realize everyone is selling the same course, so it’s getting saturated, you don’t have a full control over a product that someone else has created nor the intellectual property and you realize that the only way to build a long lasting successful business is to create your OWN products based on your own unique experience
  • you are making good money but working way too many hours and want to scale without working more

Here's the truth:

Selling Doesn't Have To Feel Salesy Or Sleazy

Selling can actually be pretty fun and easy, when you're selling on AUTOPILOT and getting "new sale" notifications on your phone while not working 

Meet your teacher

Hi, I'm Natalia

I went from being burnt out and exhausted from working as a corporate lawyer at her 9-5 + seeing 1:1 clients (while struggling to hit her financial goals)...

To A Successful Entrepreneur.. 

Thanks to DIGITAL COURSES, DIGITAL PRODUCTS & Passive Income Strategies!!

Now I am here to help YOU do the same, so that you could make MORE money, while helping MORE people and while working LESS hours.


Free Cheat Sheet: 500+ Profitable Digital Product & Course Ideas 

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